by Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire

Storytelling has always been one of our species’ simplest but most beautiful and effective developmental tools. We share and show and guide one another through our stories. Stories help us find how to belong, they help us learn faster and they so often help us leapfrog over a moment of self-doubt or pain.

Andreas’s very human story ignites a range of emotions as you travel through this unique memoir. You feel his bewilderment as a marginalized and oddly gifted kid; you shudder sympathetically for an isolated gay teenager in a society that wasn’t quite ready for him; and you definitely feel his overwhelming excitement about arriving, discovering, creating, and succeeding in a new world that embraced him so openly.

His message is straightforward and powerful: harness the things that make you different in order to change your world for the better. We’re all misfits, with our own particularities. And, in our quest to fit in and live “normal,” we too often quash those very things that could make us special.

Andreas is a changemaker. By caring enough and by not being afraid to be different, he became one of our country’s more outspoken, passionate and recognized eco-entrepreneurs.

His inspiring, colorful, and uniquely Canadian story will hopefully entertain you, spark your imagination, stretch your appetite for life and multiply your desire to stand out and contribute to your tribe.

— Justin Trudeau & Sophie Grégoire